On March 1, Al Pace and  Lin Ward and Guide Maja Zimmerman joined the Malvern College  UK Coppermine River Team for an epic trip reunion party hosted by HRH The Duke of York at Buckingham Palace. The Duke and  Al canoed the Coppermine  River together in 1977 with Lakefield College School, so the reunion at The Palace was both boisterous and at times, quite emotional.  The Duke regaled the student group with tall tales from his five Canadian canoeing adventures from 1977 to 2011 and the students bragged about monstrous arctic char, squadrons of killer mosquitoes, grizzly bears and an extremely  close encounter with a wandering wolverine!

On March 3, Al road the rails to Greater Malvern and visited the expansive Malvern School campus. The students gave him a grand tour including attending a piano concert and field hockey house tournament! Half the Malvern team have graduated and are attending various universities across Europe.  Malvern College celebrated its 150 anniversary in 2016 and The Coppermine River Expedition was the exclamation point of the school celebrations. Malvern is now looking out to 2018 for a return trip to northern Canada with Canoe North Adventures.

This news was featured on CBC North!