About Canoe North Adventures

Canoe North Adventures is an award-winning adventure travel company owned and operated by Lin Ward, Al Pace and Taylor Pace. They have been fulfilling wilderness canoeing dreams since 1987 with their paddling experience spanning over 30,000 river miles on northern rivers in Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Canoe North Adventures has bases in Mono, Ontario; Whitehorse, Yukon; Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories; and, Norman Wells, Northwest Territories.

From May to September, the Canoe North Adventures team are based at the award-winning, timber-frame Lodge B&B and Outfitting Centre in Norman Wells. The centre is all about world-class wilderness canoe expeditions for novice, intermediate and advanced canoe trippers. Safety and logistically sound expeditions take paddlers to the edge of their comfort zone leaving a profound wilderness encounter deep in their souls.

About Al Pace & Lin Ward

Al & Lin live in a rustic log cabin in the heart of the Hockley Valley outside Orangeville, Ontario, about a one-hour drive northwest of Toronto. The Farmhouse Pottery, Al’s studio gallery, is located on this property nestled along the banks of the Nottawasaga River www.pacepottery.com.

Al’s bold stoneware pottery designs have been dramatically influenced by the mysterious texture, colour and rhythm of the northern landscape. His exhibition pieces are proudly displayed in private collections throughout North America and around the world. Al was delighted when Queen Elizabeth II was presented with a Dancing Loon Plate and Pope John Paul II, an iconic Canoe Vessel given by the Province of Ontario.

Lin’s background as a business consultant and a change management team leader has lended itself to both being a business owner and a river guide. Her love of group dynamics and building collaboration on the river has drawn her to paddling the rivers of the Far North.

Who could have predicted that Al’s first arctic adventure in 1977 with Lakefield College School on the Coppermine River would lay the foundation for a lifetime of exploring Canada’s pristine Arctic landscape. And that Lin would join this lifelong adventure falling in love with the north despite her initial trepidation to be part of river trips. Their son, Taylor first visited the north when he was three years old becoming a porter on the big river trips when he was 14 years old. His knowledge of the north and his skill in running trips adds to the northern mosaic.