Our company’s philosophy and approach can be defined as heart-felt. Those of us responsible for Canoe North Adventures believe in adventures that are genuine, life-altering personal journeys.

Each canoe or hiking expedition is designed to ensure people have a larger than expectation experience.  Canoe North Adventures embraces a successful system for managing safety and logistics in the wilderness. This system has been developed over the last twenty years refined over time to ensure that each person becomes a better paddler or hiker by the end of the expedition. We are dedicated to bringing delight, fun and an incredible spirit of adventure to all of our expeditions. Our aim is to offer expeditions full of shared events that generate satisfying memories and amazing stories of the simple, inspirational moments of life spent in a canoe on a river or counting joyful footsteps on a wilderness trail.

Raising the Bar

Since 1987 Canoe North Adventures has been pushing the boundaries of adventure tourism, creating truly meaningful wilderness experiences for our clients.

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Adventure Philosophy

Canoe North Adventures combines a high level of professionalism and a deep respect with a significant knowledge and understanding for the northern regions we travel.

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Environmental Philosophy

Canoe North Adventures supports environmentally responsible tourism and supports conservation efforts in the regions we travel.

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