London was grand! An amazing city full of the sights and sounds of an era gone by. We wandered its streets in the warm sun taking in wide boulevards, spring flowers and grand buildings. Our stay included a visit to Buckingham Palace; a stint called Canada Shared at Canada House, our Canadian Embassy, with Destination Canada promoting travel products to UK, French and German travel operators; and last but not least a fine visit with our Irish cousins and friend Fraser Macdonald. Canada Shared was spectacular!

We joined 30 other Canadian travel companies who share the coveted Canadian Signature Experiences designation. Our unified purpose was to blow the top off Brits coming to Canada for their vacations! We have turned some of our attention to the British Isles after a hugely successful 2015 Coppermine River trip with the students from Malvern College, an English independent school. Canoe North Adventures specifically aimed to connect with a few UK operators who would showcase our canoe trips to UK travellers. It was hugely successful for us! Congratulations to Destination Canada for representing us so well and for supporting such a positive and enthusiastic event.  The Northwest Territories and Canoe North Adventures will be a feature article this week in a magazine published by TTG Media and we hope to be included in a travel book called Lodestars Anthology of Canada that will be published this fall. But more importantly, we have met  a number of travel agencies who would like to feature our product in their promotions for 2017.  We’ll keep you posted on news from this front!

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