The Alan White Family, including four brothers, one brother-in-law and a future father-in-law, arrived in Norman Wells from Ireland, South Africa, Peterborough, Hamilton and Toronto and spent two glorious weeks sharing an adventure on the iconic Keele River. The trebuchet became an all-day labour of love and engineering – created with stubborn ingenuity, rope and driftwood and one blue barrel filled with water as the counter-weight. A memory-for-life indeed!

Family expeditions create an awesome environment to reconnect through a shared spirit of adventure.  Our Guides marvel at the curiosity and ingenuity of siblings and in-laws through their deep caring for parents,  grandparents and each other while on the river and in camp.  We are experienced at assisting families come to terms with the detailed organization and planning that a trip entails working with diverse schedules and world-wide points of travel.  We would like to invite your family to join us on an unforgettable wilderness journey!