Growing up paddling the lakes and rivers of southern Ontario, and spending every summer at his family’s remote cottage in the North Bay area, Graham’s passion for the natural environment, adventure, and fishing were evident from a young age. After studying Jazz and Classical music in college (playing the saxophone) Graham did some solo backpacking around New Zealand and Central America where he discovered the world of outdoor adventure tourism and knew he wanted to become a professional guide – one with a paddle in his hand. That decision led him to graduate from an Outdoor Adventure Diploma program in 2019 with a focus on whitewater expeditions. His final expedition being a 7 day kayak and rafting trip down the Main Salmon River in Idaho. Following the program, Graham spent his summer in NWT with Canoe North Adventures working with the gear and logistics around the base and was lucky enough to make it on two incredible trips – the Upper Horton River and the Keele River. Graham has since moved to Cape Breton Island where he worked as a kayak guide and later started a small business with his partner making healthy, planet friendly backpacking meals for outdoor enthusiasts. Graham is thrilled to be back with the CNA Team and to get back to the never ending summer sun of Canada’s beautiful north.