Turn your gaze north – the Wild is Calling! As the pandemic fog lifts across the Canadian landscape, our pristine northern lakes and rivers are coming into clear view. We encourage you to get outside, breath deep, experience nature and embrace your wild side. Looking ahead to 2022, consider joining one of our rejuvenating wilderness canoe or raft trips in Yukon or Northwest Territories. Imagine the sounds of laughter coming from the campfire during a multi-generational family canoe trip – the enfettered freedom away from devices and protocols – an awesome way to reconnect through a shared Canadian adventure! Canoe North Adventures is your escape hatch to feeling alive and free-spirited and connecting to the natural world.

At Canoe North Adventures, we are proud to introduce five of our favourite canoe expeditions in Canada’s far north. These rivers are brimming with magic and mystery – they hold secrets that will reach deep into your soul and change you – forever! Our small groups are carefully selected for maximum enjoyment and rivers are matched with your appropriate level of skill and experience. From the Mackenzie Mountains to the Arctic Coast, from the Klondike Gold Rush to the Legends of Nahanni – we are excited to share the secrets of these amazing rivers.

Hug a Northern River PDF