Hug a Northern River!

Turn your gaze north – the Wild is Calling! As the pandemic fog lifts across the Canadian landscape, our pristine northern lakes and rivers are coming into clear view. We encourage you to get outside, breath deep, experience nature and embrace your wild side. Looking ahead to 2022, consider joining one of our rejuvenating wilderness canoe or raft trips in Yukon or Northwest Territories. Imagine the sounds of laughter coming from the campfire during a multi-generational family canoe trip – the enfettered freedom away from devices and protocols – an awesome way to reconnect through a shared Canadian adventure! Canoe North Adventures is your escape hatch to feeling alive and free-spirited and connecting to the natural world.

At Canoe North Adventures, we are proud to introduce five of our favourite canoe expeditions in Canada’s far north. These rivers are brimming with magic and mystery – they hold secrets that will reach deep into your soul and change you – forever! Our small groups are carefully selected for maximum enjoyment and rivers are matched with your appropriate level of skill and experience. From the Mackenzie Mountains to the Arctic Coast, from the Klondike Gold Rush to the Legends of Nahanni – we are excited to share the secrets of these amazing rivers.

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February 2021 Update

Old Man Winter has finally arrived in earnest here in the Hockley Valley. Our daily walks with our husky, Ranger require an extra layer plus hat and gloves now the cold weather has really settled in our region. Today, for the first time ever, we spotted two coyotes running right across our yard in broad daylight – holy moly! During the current lockdown, we continue to find simple pleasures – yesterday we cleaned the living room and had a zoom date with friends. Today, we organized the recycling and did an early morning grocery shop in town.

We are homesick for the north. The rhythm of our lives for decades has included an annual 4-month hiatus to the north. The communities of Norman Wells, Yellowknife, Fort Simpson and Whitehorse have become an integral part of the fabric of our lives. We miss the beauty of the wilderness, canoeing remote rivers with our inspiring guests, and spending time with friends in these remote communities.

We want to provide an update with regards to the pandemic and how this will affect our canoeing operations in 2021. The three northern territories have already begun their vaccine roll-out and by the end of April expect to have reached 75% herd-immunity across the north. This is an essential first step in protecting vulnerable populations living in the communities where we operate.

The Yukon and Northwest Territories governments are currently meeting with tourism agencies and operators to explore steps to allow remote hunting, fishing and canoeing excursions to occur in 2021 with approved safe-travel protocols in place. These protocols might include pre-trip quarantines, rapid covid tests, temperature checks and the creation of travel-bubbles with fishing or canoe groups. Our Medical Director, Dr. Aaron Orkin will be in direct consultations with government officials in the north to review and collaborate on developing safe-travel protocols that would allow our canoe trips to proceed this summer.

With the covid landscape changing so rapidly on the heels of the second wave and just prior to the national vaccine roll-out, we expect the northern tourism exemption goalposts will continue to change until April or even early May. You can imagine how this adds to the complexity of trip-planning, food-purchasing and hiring of our seasonal guide-staff for example. We remain optimistic that we will be able to operate with a special exemption even though we do not expect quarantine restrictions to be relaxed for general tourism until next fall.

During the next couple of months, we will continue to monitor this changing landscape and will share significant developments with you as they arise. We are determined to explore ways to operate our 2021 expedition season while protecting our northern communities and our intrepid canoe-trippers who are eagerly awaiting their summer adventure.

Stay well and enjoy this fine winter day,

Lin Ward & Al Pace




2021 Arctic Adventure Sweepstakes

Canoe North Adventures is proud to be partnering with Up Here Magazine by offering a Nahanni River Canoe Trip for two, valued at $22,000, as the Grand Prize in the annual Up Here Arctic Adventure Sweepstakes. Check for more details of the Sweepstakes Promotion. You become eligible for this contest when you subscribe or renew your subscription to Up Here Magazine. You can also enter by simply sending your name and address in an envelope marked “Arctic Adventure Sweepstakes” to:  Up Here Publishing, 4510-50th Ave., Ste. 102, Yellowknife NT X1A 1B9.

Good luck!

More details here:

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Statement of Gratitude

Statement of Gratitude

You have all heard by now how the global tourism industry has been devastated by the pandemic. During our darkest hour of disappointment at having our 2020 northern canoeing season fully cancelled, we were provided with significant financial support from the Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, to purchase critical canoeing and rafting gear and equipment and to support renovations at our Lodge to better position Canoe North Adventures for a dynamic recovery in a post-pandemic world. Specifically, the canoe and raft equipment will support our new operations in Nahanni National Park Reserve. We also received critical funding from the federal Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (Cannor) to support operating costs incurred at our Head Office from April 2020 to March 2021. We are grateful to have received these two streams of financial support and would like to thank our colleagues at GNWT-ITI and at Cannor who facilitated the funding programs. We would also like to thank our industry partners at Northwest Territories Tourism who kept us fully informed about funding opportunities, the changing covid-19 landscape and provided regular updates from Destination Canada, our National Tourism Council.


From the Canoe North Adventures Team

Upper Horton Webinar now Available On Demand!

Class II swifts and easy rapids, tundra wilderness, caribou, muskoxen & grizzly bears! World-class fly-fishing for arctic char, arctic grayling and lake trout. A birders paradise – eagles, falcons, sandhill cranes and tundra swans. Join Owner and Lead Guide Al Pace on this amazing adventure! Now available to watch at any time.

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