Yukon Gold – A Testimonial

Yukon Gold – In Every Sense!

by Liz Maxted

Our trip was Yukon Gold.

As I have been describing to family and friends what a truly incredible experience we had I began to realize that there was nothing about the trip that I would change – it could not have been bettered.  Each friend seems to draw out a different aspect of the trip and enables me to reflect further.

Our adventurous friends want to hear about the river and the scenery – the Yukon slogan here sums it up “ Larger than Life”. The landscape was beautiful but can only really be described in context here to our UK friends in that the country we live in would fit easily into the Yukon which has a population of just 40,000 ( UK is 67.5 million and our relatively small town of Maidenhead has a population of 67,500).

Our other ‘expeditioning’ friends want to know more about the organizational side – the kit, the boats, distances, the logistics etc. This again ranks gold! So much experience and planning from the Canoe North Adventures team make this seem effortless and easy but we know only too well how much has gone in behind the scenes to achieve this. Much appreciated by us.

Foodie friends – well they are speechless when they hear how well we ate! Fresh fruit and vegetables throughout they can hardly believe. I describe the steaks on the campfire and the wonderful curries and it begins to sound like a gastronomic tour! I must admit I have a particular passion for the breakfasts – thank you so much Maddy and Will for your early starts to achieve this.

For our drinking friends ( probably everyone we know!) we see their faces astonished at the concept of happy hour and whisky sours and other cocktails before we even mention the worldwide appetizers that were served.

With those who I know will be particularly interested I share the philosophical aspects of the expedition – the sharing of stories and life experiences around the campfire and the welcoming inspirational First Nation people we met. The heartfelt joy of life at Stepping Stone with Jim and Carole and singing together regardless of creed or belief.

Photo by Daryn Rabb

All of our friends want to hear about the Northern Lights – it has been my dream for decades to see these but how much better it was to not only see them but share them with all our new Canadian friends on that clear night on Driftwood Island.

Tales of the latrine and bear footprints I save for those who think it might all have been just too easy !

It was for us the trip of a lifetime – all a wilderness trip could possibly be and more. Thank you to all at Canoe North Adventures for your hard work and years of experience that made this possible – and especially to Beth for answering so many questions by email as new queries arose.

Maddy and Will were strong positive leaders – both with wonderful smiles and enthusiasm – always doing things behind the scenes to ensure all went well.  And Lin, you are an inspirational leader – knowledgeable, practical, passionate with a wonderful sense of humour.  Under the leadership of such great guides we have returned to the “ normal /mad” world enriched and with wonderful new friendships.

Paddling Film Festival World Tour

Canoe North Adventures is proud to be a major sponsor of the 2019 Paddling Film Festival World Tour. We are excited to announce that we will be a festival host on Sunday, November 10 at the Orangeville Town Hall Opera House. Check back in the fall for ticket information.

Check out the festival trailer and be sure to watch until our Canoe North Adventures clip comes in after the three minute mark!




Globe and Mail Travel Feature

It’s always a thrill to share our experiences in the north with a national audience such as the Globe and Mail. A special shout out to Rob French for providing reflections on his recent trip on the Keele River.

You Don’t Know Canada Until  You’ve Visited the North

A trip through the Northwest Territories’ whitewater creates a dreamy, challenging and extraordinary adventure that connects travellers with the wilderness that defines Canada.

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NEW Multi-Use Building in Norman Wells!

Last May, Al arrived in Norman Wells with a construction team to erect the first storey of a new log building necessary for gear and food packing, trip planning and added accommodation and washrooms. The footings, subfloor and log walls went up in record time as the days got longer and the guys worked twelve hour days, only stopping to cook up some burgers on the barbecue and catch Stanley Cup playoff action! This year, Al is heading up in April and the plan is to complete the second floor and have the building fully operational by July 1, 2019.  Tucked in between our lodge and the NWA Cabin, the highlight of the new building will be a built-in bar on the front porch and a spectacular amphitheatre Party Deck, perfect for final night dinners, mini-concerts and sharing a cold beer while telling tall tales of grand adventures!

CNA Makes a Splash at the British Canoe Symposium!

Al Pace and Lin Ward were thrilled to present and coach at the British Canoe Symposium, Nov 10 – 12 held at Lake Windermere in the beloved Lake District of northern England. The Brits arrived in droves, fully geared up in dry-suits with solo and tandem canoes, SUP boards and canoe-sailing rigs. Al presented a multi-media show on Friday & Saturday evening to a packed house hungry to experience the wilds of northern Canada through stunning photos and hair-raising stories of lore about wild rivers that run free for hundreds of miles!
On the water, Lin and Al hosted skills clinics with small groups of rookie paddlers who were super-keen to acquire knowledge “from the Colonies” and fine-tune their j-strokes and bow draws. “Everyone here is just over-the-top keen to develop their canoeing skills –we could hardly get them off the water at the end of our 2 hour clinic!” says Lin. In true British style, the evening pub nights presented a fabulous opportunity to try out local craft beers and share stories of adventure, latest gear trends and paddle techniques – oh, and bloody football of course!
Al and Lin were treated like canoeing Rock Stars and were grateful for the opportunity to travel abroad, explore the backroads and highlands of Scotland and hurl themselves into the crazy vortex of English canoeing. Thanks to hosts Tom and Anna Sibbald for taking such great care of Al & Lin and for convening such an enthusiastic group of coaches and participants.