Paddling the Snake River was unbelievably the best time I could ever have imagined. From the majestic mountains that came down to meet the waters edge to the ever changing river that lay before you. Sitting around the campfire at night with your fellow paddlers was very relaxing. It’s amazing how all of us from different walks of life blend as one at the end of the day. The wilderness, the Snake and wilderness guides, Lin and Al, have that effect on you.

A memory for life is our evening camped above Cache Creek Canyon. Leaning against a log, I gazed up at distant mountains feeling a powerful sense of deep satisfaction and deep inner peace. My gaze drifted to the six canoes, three red and three green, sitting together, still and quiet, as if they too shared the satisfaction and peace … I smiled and reflected … it just couldn’t get any better than this.

Jake McArthur Jake McArthur

I watched the river grow wider below the spectacular mountain peaks. The vastness was overwhelming, humbling. There were serene moments, like paddling under the midnight sun, you get focused on living with nature. You get in touch with the land and the rhythm of the river – problems seem to fall away. It was one challenge after another but we never lost confidence. It was tough but I never felt at risk. The Snake River expedition was a total and absolute adventure. It’s one of the most positive experiences I have had. There is something magical and mysterious about paddling a river in the far north.

Jim Garrow Jim Garrow

Searching for words, yet again on this trip, you inspire, you encourage, you make memorable and gave life to a dream.

Jackie Conant Jackie Conant

Lin, I loved your encouragement and positive feedback. You are indeed a role model, an inspiration, and a fun and caring woman. Thank you so much for allowing me to achieve this dream of canoeing the Yukon. Best wishes for happy times in the North.

Joan Daynard Joan Daynard

Thank you for the tremendous opportunity to be introduced to a wonderful place in the world and the life experience I enjoyed. Thank you for giving us an experience that will always be dear and will never wane but only grow.

Bill Stewart Bill Stewart