Fraser has been participating in outdoor adventure sports his whole life. Starting from a bassinet in the bow of their canoe, his parents instilled a lifelong love of travelling skillfully and respectfully in the wilderness. He has worked full time as a guide internationally for the last 8 years. His travels have taken him across Asia, Oceania, South America and of course Canada’s North. He is currently working in Chilean Patagonia. Having traveled around the world, he can safely say Canada is his favorite country and its north, his favourite place. He has extensively explored by Canoe and Kayak; Northern Ontario, Quebec, the NWT and Nunavut. With two canoe trips over 50 days in the North West Territories and Nunavut. His hobbies include: foraging for wild mushrooms, fishing, photography and reading. Of course doing all of the aforementioned things on a canoe trip makes him very happy.