In previous years, we enjoyed hosting in-person Information-Sessions for Ontario paddlers at our Café/Gallery in Hockley Valley. With covid-19, we have now launched our first series of Webinars and invite you to participate in the comfort of your own home.

Follow the link on your preferred date for information on how to register. Your confirmation email will contain a link to the actual webinar and you will need to follow the link to complete the registration process.

  1. Canoe North Adventures – Let the adventure begin!

Recorded Webinar

In our very first webinar, a general overview, Al Pace shares our story of exploring Canada’s Arctic by canoe and he introduces some of our favourite rivers like the Keele, Horton, Nahanni and Yukon. He shares amazing photos and video clips of the Mackenzie Mountains and the arctic tundra north of the arctic circle. Al is an owner of CNA, and a company guide with over 30 years of experience paddling northern rivers. During the presentation we hope to answer many of the common questions we know you will be pondering!


      2.  Novice/Intermediate Trips – Yukon, Upper Horton and Keele Rivers and Nahanni River by Raft

Recording Unavailable – individual river webinars coming soon

This webinar features our most popular trips for novice and intermediate canoeists: The Yukon River offers an amazing mix of Klondike and First Nation History on smooth and fast current: The Keele River has spectacular mountain scenery and continuous Class II rapids and swifts: The Horton River flows above the Arctic Circle into a dreamy tundra landscape featuring evening walks under the midnight sun, large game like musk-oxen and caribou and world-class fly-fishing for grayling and arctic char: The fabled Nahanni River has natural features unlike any other river, Virginia Falls, Kraus Hot Spring, the incredible slot canyons and Pulpit Rock. Our raft trips allow novice canoe adventurers young and old to share in an incredible experience – perfect for family groups. Owners and guides Lin Ward and Al Pace  share amazing photos, video clips, maps and heart-felt stories from the trail.

        3. Intermediate/Advanced Trips – Keele, Mountain, Nahanni Classic and Broken Skull

Recording Unavailable – individual river webinars coming soon

This 45-minute webinar features our most challenging expeditions and most dramatic landscapes. Al Pace and Taylor Ward Pace explore the Upper and Lower Keele River, with options for a 12 or 18 day expedition: For whitewater junkies, the Mountain River is our Guides Choice for the ultimate multi-day river adventure where challenging alpine hikes compliment 6 dramatic canyons: The legendary Nahanni River celebrated by RM Patterson in his adventure classic Dangerous River: The Broken Skull originates high in the Mackenzie Mountains as a tiny trickle and quickly gains volume and force offering a technical paddle to Rabbit Kettle Lake with an option to extend for 18 days down the Nahanni River to Fort Simpson.