Update from Norman Wells, NWT

As you have probably heard on the news, there is an unprecedented fire situation in the NWT, and Yellowknife is being evacuated as a precaution. None of our bases or the rivers we travel are anywhere near the fire zones. We have groups out on various rivers and staff in Fort Simpson and Norman Wells and all are safe, but are scheduled to fly through Yellowknife to get home. Right now we are managing the situation day-to-day, working on rebooking flights and housing those who are stranded. We are also taking in stranded guests from other outfitters as needed with limited staff at our Outfitting Centre in Norman Wells. NWT Tourism and the northern airlines are all working together to make things happen and we are confident they are doing their best to help those stranded get home. Our thought are with those directly affected by the fires.

We are best reached by email at info@canoenorthadventures.com. As you can imagine our phone lines are very busy and we would like to keep them open for emergencies. If you absolutely need to contact us by phone the number is 519-941-6654 for all locations. (the NWT number on this site is no longer in service and we are unable to change it without crashing the site. New website coming this fall!).

Thank you for your patience and understanding if we do not get back to you immediately.

Lin Ward & Al Pace