Sara grew up in Bolton surrounded by acres of farmlands, trails and forests. Her love of nature was inspired by her mother’s knowledge of medicinal herbs and plants. Sara spent her youth attending outdoor adventure camps and soon becoming camp counsellor. In more recent years, Sara has spent her summers working at farms in southern Ontario and in the mountains of Colombia. Sara is an avid camper, hiker, paddler and winter sports enthusiast.

Sara graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Creative Advertising. During her 4 year degree, she enhanced her skills in design, creative writing, photography/video and strategic thinking. She also furthered her outside interests by taking courses, such as; astronomy, evolution, sustainable energy and philosophy. Sara has a passion for archaeology, history, travel, ecology, woodworking, geology and art of all forms. She is an amateur climber and a humanitarian at heart.

In 2019, Sara went on her first white water rafting trip on the Ottawa River that sparked a budding interest in her. When Sara came across a job listing for Canoe North Adventures paired with her dream of exploring Canadas north, the idea of working there could not have made her happier. She is elated to be on board and is ready to funnel into the gorge of all things Canoe North Adventure.