Since 1987, Canoe North Adventures has been pushing the boundaries of adventure tourism. The following are just a handful of the many ways CNA is raising the bar to create truly meaningful wilderness experiences for our clients.

Personalized Approach

Canoe North Adventures is a family-owned company, operated by Al Pace & Lin Ward. Canoe North Adventures offers a maximum of ten guided canoe expeditions each summer on more than a dozen northern rivers. From their home/office base in Ontario and their summer Outfitting Centre in Norman Wells, NWT, Al and Lin are able to provide exceptional hands-on personalized care for each of their tripping clients. Many of their expedition bookings are made a full year in advance and their impressive 50% rate of returning clients indicates a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Lodge and Outfitting Centre

Officially “opened” in July, 2011, The Canoe North Adventures Lodge and Outfitting Centre is unlike any other canoeing facility in northern Canada. It serves as a canoeing resource and training centre, an outfitting rental centre and as a full-service Lodge B&B with accommodation and meals. The handsome timber-frame and log structure was expertly handcrafted by the Canoe North Adventures Guide Team. It is strategically located in Norman Wells, NWT at the North-Wright Air Float Base because of the close proximity to the glorious rivers of the Mackenzie Mountains in the Sahtu Region.  With this world-class facility, Canoe North Adventure is the only guiding company that provides outstanding personalized  service from the moment your plane lands in Norman Wells to begin your trip until the moment you depart for home having experienced your trip of a lifetime.

Northwest Territories Specialists

At Canoe North Adventures, we specialize in canoeing a select number of remote, world-class wilderness rivers located in the Sahtu Region, NWT like the Natla, Keele, Horton and Mountain. Our commitment is to only explore rivers that are remote and less-travelled. Recently, we have discovered exciting new river possibilities like the Ravensthroat and Redstone River that are truly wild and untouched.  With such a specialized approach you can rest assured that we are the local experts. No other guiding company knows our Sahtu rivers as intimately as we do. Of course our expertise and reach includes the Pelly, Yukon, Snake and Wind Rivers of the Yukon Territory and the Coppermine and Burnside Rivers in Nunavut.

Food! – Glorious Food!

Our healthy, fresh-food menu has evolved over 30 years of wilderness tripping. With virtually no portages on a majority of our river trips, we have the luxury of including fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses and frozen meats carried in special cooler-packs. Imagine barbecuing freshly-thawed striploin steaks on Day 8 – that’s ridiculous!  At Canoe North Adventures, our trippers are fully-involved in food preparation teams and this adds an air of friendly competition amongst the group. Our trippers are also invited to each bring and prepare a “surprise hors d’oeuvres” and “secret dessert” for the entire group. This unique Canoe North Adventures tradition continues to bring personality, originality and sometimes “shock and awe” to every evening meal. With all of the amazing recipes our trippers contribute, we just know there is a spectacular Canoe North Adventures Cookbook in the not-too-distant future!

Special Dietary Needs

We can easily adapt our menu to accommodate dietary restrictions or specific food allergies. We consult all of our trippers about food preferences prior to finalizing our expedition menu.

Guide Ratio

To provide the highest quality experience in a safe and nurturing environment our “guide to client ratio” ranges between 1:3 and 1:5 depending on the river trip and the experience level of the canoe trippers. At Canoe North Adventures, we have developed a highly effective “on-the-water” management system which is unique in the guiding industry. Your expert guides are eager and available to review maps, refine paddling and river-reading techniques, share their intimate knowledge of local flora and fauna and to share tricks of the trade when setting up camp.

Detailed Logistical Planning

Embarking on any wilderness journey invites a certain level of uncertainty. Even the best laid plans can be affected by severe weather, cold temperatures or an unexpected illness so it is important to have an effective “Plan B”. At Canoe North Adventures, we maintain the highest level of attention to every logistical detail. We carry Iridium Satellite Phones on every expedition and make regular calls to our Base Manager at our Outfitting Centre. By maintaining regular contact the trip leaders can be advised of severe weather alerts, forest fire updates, extreme fluctuations of water-levels or changes to charter flight scheduling.