Legacy Wild is a marketing arm of Canoe North Adventures and The Farmhouse Pottery. Our first Legacy Wild exhibition was held at The Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario, in the spring of 2008. David Miller, former Mayor of Toronto, Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, and Juno Award winning musician, Sarah Harmer opened this show that ran for three weeks. About one thousand people visited this pottery and wilderness show immersing themselves in the lure of the north. Each weekend of the show featured presentations on the far north including many talks on rivers of the Northwest Territories and even a dramatic session on The Mad Trapper of Rat River! If you are interested in the seeing the information on this past show see legacywild.com.

This show included thirty large storyboards depicting the river systems that we paddle and regions that we hike in the far north. Al’s wilderness pottery was displayed in front of the panels. We integrated the panels and pottery throughout the entire museum creating an exciting story of our lifetime of canoeing and creating pottery. Lin created the artwork for the storyboards that told the stories of our north trips, the twenty foot wall that told the story of Canoe North Adventures and The Farmhouse Pottery, and a six foot display that told the story of The Duke of York’s wilderness adventures on the Coppermine, Nahanni, Thelon and Keele Rivers.

The partnership between The Farmhouse Pottery with Al’s wilderness motifs and Canoe North Adventures with its northern intrigue is a very successful. The overlap in product, clientele and vision creates a powerful vehicle for conveying our love for both wilderness pottery and outdoor adventure. We are planning to make proposals to take Legacy Wild to The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto and at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa.