Canoe North Adventures supports environmentally responsible tourism and supports conservation efforts in the regions we travel. Our efforts can be summarized in our Environmental Philosophy:

We practice no trace camping on all of our northern trips. We camp on durable surfaces. Once we leave a campsite, other than footprints, nothing is left behind and there is no trace that we have been there. We are very careful to leave no food traces on any campsite and we pack out our garbage. We pack out garbage left behind by others. We leave any artifacts undisturbed.

In our marketing, we communicate the opportunities for wildlife viewing on river trips and allow respectful viewing so as not to disrupt animal nests, sites, dens or feeding areas.

If we encounter other people on our wilderness trip, we treat them with respect and consideration.

We have a great deal of respect for local aboriginal culture and are respectful when meeting in local communities. We embrace the involvement of aboriginals through interpretive presentations and activities that will grow our clients’ understanding of the aboriginal culture and its significance to the region.