Canoe North Adventures combines a high level of professionalism and a deep respect with a significant knowledge and understanding for the northern regions we travel. This is our Adventure Philosophy:

  • Our dedication to safety and reliability is backed by our diligence in embracing best practices demonstrated in the outdoor tourism sector.
  • Our flexible approach to combining trip participants based on interest and skill levels has ensured a solid track record of well-run trips based on successful logistics, heartfelt delivery of service to clients and significant comradery between clients.
  • Our knowledge and understanding of our clients and the canoeing opportunities in the northern regions combines to produce significant repeat business. Currently, one in three people return for more than one trip and one in four people return for more than two trips. A large number of clients have completed multi-trips with us.
  • Our reputation as a company that cares deeply about our clients is demonstrated by the number of our clients that continue to be friends and supporters.
  • Our expertise ensures the safe delivery of a significant wilderness experience with paddlers feeling well-cared for and at home in the wilderness.
  • Our aim on any canoe trip is to have clients finish their trip with the feeling that they wish it could have gone on forever, to have a huge amount of fun and to have built friendships for life.
  • Our greatest strength is our ability to get things done, to make things happen, to pay attention to detail, to take on big projects, to find ways around obstacles and to do this with respect, dignity, humour and fairness.
  • Our dedication is to giving back to others, showing people that we care, seeing how people, places and things fit together, letting people know they are doing a good job and to do this with enthusiasm, grace and good nature.