With six stunning canyons, the Mountain River is considered the most coveted whitewater canoe trip in Canada by seasoned river-guides. Its remote setting and lightning fast water with jaw-dropping mountain scenery will thrill you right to the confluence with the Mackenzie River. The canyons are defined by vaulted sheer cliff walls guarded by mysterious “gates” and challenging white-water suitable for intermediate or advanced canoeists. This unique, relaxed 2020 itinerary is custom designed to allow for 6 full days of exploratory hiking into the mountains.

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Arrival We require that travellers arrive in Norman Wells the day before they embark on their expedition.
Day 1 Depart the Float Base on the charter flight to Dusty Lake.
Day 2-17 Portage about 1km to the Mountain River. Real paddling on the Mountain River begins! Once we camp, many hikes are possible in the spectacular upper Mountain River Valley. Our first small canyon gives us a real start to the excitement of the river.
The next section of the river starts with easy paddling through swifts and a few small rapids. Further down the river are the moonscape hike and Tufa Mounds where there are opportunities for hikes into these unusual geological features.
Cache Creek is a camp with opportunities to hike, fish and photograph and the start of a series of five canyons that feature high cliffs and exciting whitewater runs. Cache Creek Canyon is a beautiful and not difficult paddle. Battleship Rock Canyon and U-Turn Canyon offer almost consistent wavy rapids and standing waves. The entrance to Switchback Canyon offers a challenge as it turns sharpy right leading down to a series of broad turns that at hte end takes paddlers out of the mountain regions of the river. Swift current and small waves keep hte canoes moving all the way down to Hot Spring Canyon where quiet water takes us into the Mackenzie lowlands. The current gradually slows as we pass through the flats down to the Mackenzie River to our last camp.
Day 18 Return to Float Base in Norman Wells.
Departure Travellers will depart Norman Wells the day after their expedition ends. Inquire about extended travel beyond Norman Wells.