It is wonderful to be recognized for a job well done but it is over-the-moon amazing and gratifying to be recognized by your peers for outstanding achievement in the adventure tourism industry.

Canadian Signature Experience

Canoe North Adventures is massively proud to be recognized by the Canadian Tourism Commission, Destination Canada, as a Canadian Signature Experience member. There are only a handful of Canadian Signature Experience members in the Northwest Territories and a couple hundred across all of Canada! This coveted recognition puts Canoe North Adventures at the very top of the adventure heap and inspires us to maintain the highest level of excellence in all our endeavours. Go Canada! Keep Exploring!

Tourism Operator of the Year, Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories Tourism awarded Canoe North Adventures this honour presented by the Premiere of the NWT. “This award recognizes all-around excellence and models best-practices in the industry resulting in strong growth and a record of success. It exhibits a commitment to education and training and has shown outstanding community involvement and leadership. This operator is seen as a strong partner in tourism and achieves the highest levels of customer satisfaction”

Mike Stillwell Lifetime Achievement Award, Northwest Territories

Canoe North Adventures was recognized for their almost 30 years introducing paddlers to the rivers of the Northwest Territories. “These people have had a significant impact on the development of the tourism industry, past and present. They have provided longstanding and excellent service, have demonstrated leadership and integrity, have left a strong legacy, and have gained the respect of those in the tourism industry.

Frozen Globe Award, Northwest Territories Entrepreneur of the Year

The top Northwest Territories business award was presented to Canoe North Adventures in Whitehorse Yukon, at the Annual Frozen Globe Business Awards Banquet. The award recognizes excellence not just in the tourism industry but across the entire business establishment. This recognition left us weak-in-the-knees, stunned and basically speechless! Glad that Lin made the journey to Whitehorse to attend the banquet!

Frozen Globe Award, Pan-Territorial Northern Entrepreneur of the Year

Just when our breathing got back to normal after receiving the NWT Frozen Globe Award, Canoe North Adventures won the top northern business award across Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut! We were beyond grateful and proud. Humbled, Lin gave her thank-you once again before smiling and heading straight for the champagne bucket!

Chairpersons Award of Merit

Canoe North Adventures proudly received this award from The Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association in our Hometown of Orangeville, Ontario. It is a Lifetime Achievement Award recognizing our determined pursuit of excellence and our unflinching dedication to our over-all customer experience.