Peter was born in Inuvik, Northwest Territories and is part Nihtat Gwich’in which means ‘mixed nations’. Living in Inuvik until he was ten, he spent time out in the wilderness with his family, learning some of the vast traditional knowledge of the land, and as a result gained a deep respect for it.  Later moving to Pembroke, Ontario, he spent much of his time in Eastern Ontario canoeing, fishing, mountain biking or just exploring Algonquin Park and neighbouring forests.  At the age of seventeen, Peter took part in an exchange trip with a student from France which involved three months in each country.  While taking his exchange partner on many canoe trips, he realized how amazing it is to show people the beauty of nature.  Thus began a passion for travel and sharing unique experiences with other cultures. It didn’t take long for Peter to take his outdoor lifestyle to the next level by working seasonal jobs in the reforestation industry (tree planting), ski instructing, working with youth groups and studying in the Outdoor Adventure Programme at Algonquin College in Pembroke, Ontario.  He always enjoys his time outdoors and sharing the experience of the wilderness he fell in love with as a child.