This will be my first season with Canoe North Adventures. Since a young age I have felt most at ease outdoors. I find excitement and challenge in wilderness travel and enjoy the simplicity as distractions of everyday life are far removed. This appreciation stemmed from a childhood canoe tripping and camping in Ontario. Upon graduating high school, curiosity and an urge to explore has taken me to fifty-six countries. My initial intention was to work and live abroad, however these experiences granted me a deep appreciation for Canada and I have since settled in British Columbia. My education path reflects this journey. I began my studies in International Development but I am now pursuing a degree in Anthropology and Indigenous Studies. Committed to expanding my understanding of reconciliation in Canada, my dream is to create a career that incorporates the outdoors, education and reconciliation. When not daydreaming about the future or studying, you’ll find me canoeing, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, camping and hiking with a variety of people and intentions. I look forward to meeting you and sharing an amazing adventure!