In 1987, Al had the unique experience of leading his high school chum, His Royal Highness Prince Andrew and his Royal Bride, Sarah Ferguson (The Duke & Duchess of York) on a Honeymoon Canoe Trip on the remote Hanbury River, Nunavut. Just prior to departure, Al crafted 8 tiny pottery Adventure Cups with a different animal motif representing each member of the expedition and smuggled these onto the trip. Although Prince Andrew was an experienced canoe-tripper, this was the first time that Sarah had ever slept in a tent, let alone canoed a whitewater river in Canada’s far north. The Duke & Duchess had just completed an exhausting coast to coast tour of Canada and you would think we might have selected a more relaxed and romantic canoe trip for the honeymoon couple. On Day Five of the expedition, Sarah wrote in her journal:

The four-mile portage around Dickson Canyon today was a brute! My back aches and I have blisters on my feet! The only luxury I look forward to at the end of each day is my little pottery Adventure Cup.

The Legacy of the Adventure Cup was born on the Hanbury River in 1987 and to this day Al continues this tradition by creating a beautiful set of pottery cups for each Canoe North Adventures Expedition. Each evening, we come together as a group and celebrate the experiences of the day with a splash of wine, tea or juice in our personalized Adventure Cups. As the trip evolves and the adventure unfolds, the cups take on a mythical quality and symbolize the spirit of adventure and embody the camaraderie of the group. At Canoe North Adventures, we take pride in fostering and nurturing this close-knit camaraderie within each group. No wonder our most loyal trippers proudly display their growing collection of Adventure Cups in a place of honour in their homes. Each cup tells a unique story of experiencing a heart-felt journey that reaches deep into your soul.

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