Adventure Canada Launches a CNA Trip!


We are delighted to announce the launch of a special expedition for 2018! We are working with Adventure Canada and have created an inclusive expedition package for them on the Keele River called  Keele River by Canoe 2018!

Click here to learn more about this voyage and read about the experiences of Adventure Canada representative Sheryl Saint, who joined us on the Keele River this past summer.

Our CNA Magazine has been Published!

Grab a coffee and enjoy a relaxing and inspirational read through our new publication!

CNA Magazine

True Patriot Love – The Douglas Expedition

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Canoe North Adventures is partnering with the True Patriot Love Foundation to outfit and guide a unique expedition on the Keele River, NWT that includes ill or injured veterans and community and corporate leaders from across Canada.  We are very proud to be working with True Patriot Love a national charity with the mission to support military families by funding more than 100 community-based programs across the country that address the unique challenges resulting from service including mental health, physical rehabilitation, transitioning to civilian life, and the special needs of children.


The Douglas (July 29 – August 12, 2017)

In the early 1900’s, Canadian explorer George Douglas
devoted his life to discovering remote areas of the great Canadian Northwest by canoe. In 2017, True Patriot Love will take on this same land on a challenging white water canoe expedition through the wilderness. This iconic river trip will start on the Keele River in the foothills of the Mackenzie Mountains and culminates with a community feast in the historic First Nations community of Tulita.


Day 1: Arrive in Edmonton; one night in a hotel in Edmonton
Day 2: Fly to Normal Wells; accommodation at Canoe North Adventures to prepare for expedition
Day 3: Charter floatplane to Keele River. Short paddle to Camp 1. Paddle training and practice
Day 4: Full-day river paddle to Camp 2
Day 5: Full-day hike on Blood Mountain
Day 6-10: Paddle Keele River. Optional evening hikes.
Day 11-12: Confluence with Historic Mackenzie River; paddle Mackenzie River
Day 13: Arrive in historic First Nations community of Tulita for community feastReturn to Normal Wells on float plane
Day 14: Return Home

For more information on The Douglas, please click HERE.

Magic is Alive

When we were young, we believed in magic. The magic of the first warm day of spring when we could finally get outside with our friends again…

Follow the link to find out how to find the magic again!



Fellows of the RCGS!


On November 15, Lin Ward and Al Pace, founders of Canoe North Adventures, were thrilled to be made Fellows of the College of Fellows of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. The main criteria for becoming a Fellow is to tirelessly promote Canada to Canadians as well as to support the interests of the RCGS. Canoe North Adventures Alumni, Wendy Cecil is currently serving the RCGS as Vice-President and is seen here with Lin and Al at the Fellows Dinner, held at the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa.

The College of Fellows

Considered the governing body of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, the College of Fellows brings together individuals who share the Society’s abiding commitment to Canada, who support its mandate of making Canada better known and its educational mission of expanding geographic knowledge and literacy. Once a year, Fellows are called upon during their Annual General Meeting to receive and approve reports from the President and Treasurer. They also elect Officers and governors of the Society and, later the same day, come together at the Annual Dinner of the College of Fellows in a celebration of the Society’s accomplishments. Year round, Fellows raise the profile of the Society in their respective communities, offer guidance and advice to the Society and, however they are able, help organize and participate in the Society’s programs and activities. Engagement on the part of Fellows takes many different forms, and supporting the Society financially is but one of them.

A brief history of the College of Fellows

As an educational organization, the Society looked to the academy and elected university presidents and chairs of science departments as Fellows. The Society has a great affinity for explorers, and Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Lord Edward Shackleton, Henry Larson, Rosita Forbes and Diamond Jenness were some of its first Fellows. In the same vein, the Society currently counts among its Fellows astronauts Steven Maclean, Jeremy Hansen and Roberta Bondar, and explorers Bernard Voyer, Wade Davis, Jill Heinerth and Sir Christopher Ondaatje. The College of Fellows encapsulates important values: the determination to build, the courage to explore new avenues and the steadfast love of country. In 1930 the Society named its first Fellows. Among the earliest were Frederick G. Banting, Diamond Jenness and A.Y. Jackson. They were joined by Canada’s foremost scientists and researchers in geography, anthropology, engineering and history, in both private and public sectors.

RCGS Website